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About Ashley

We understand that automation might sound intimidating, but it really comes down to something pretty simple. We make life easier for our customers. Of course, turning complex problems into straightforward solutions can get a little complicated. You can trust our team of technical experts to walk you through the process, and we’re ready for any challenge — big or small. With more than 20 years of service experience, Ashley Automation can provide advanced automation and electrical solutions to keep your business moving forward. It’s that simple.

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More efficiency. Less risk. It’s a valuable combination for any business. Automation reduces maintenance costs and operating expenses, enhances safety, improves transparency and enables information to flow more freely. And we do it all by always operating with your best interests in mind.

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Our expertise

Making the complex seem uncomplicated takes technical expertise. But being able to adapt that depth of knowledge to just about any field — well, that takes true technical ingenuity. We can create customized turnkey solutions for the unique challenges facing your business.

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How we power the world never stops evolving. Keeping up takes leading-edge automation and advanced technical expertise. Whether it’s solar, nuclear, wind turbines, hydroelectric or beyond, our systems can be configured to fit your needs in this rapidly growing and highly competitive industry. Our systems enable you to remotely measure, monitor and control things like pressure, flow and temperature. Automation allows you to identify potential problems early enough to prevent expensive shutdowns that cut into production and decrease revenue.

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Food & Beverage

When you’re dealing with a perishable product, inefficiencies in the production or packaging processes are a recipe for disaster. We got our start helping plants and processing facilities deliver quality products to store shelves, and we understand the requirements food and beverage companies must meet to comply with FDA regulations. Clean-in-place (CIP) systems help facilities automate sanitation controls, and we can implement customized controls for anything from easily monitoring production lines to regulating the precise temperature levels required for food safety.

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Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry must deal with complex environmental concerns and strict safety regulations. Overflows and leaks can lead not only to needless waste and cleanup costs but also significant penalties and fines. Automation can provide smart solutions to limiting those risks. Alarms can signal scheduled preventative maintenance needs or trigger automated shutoffs to restrict spills — or better yet, avoid them altogether. Remote monitoring allows you to manage multiple well sites spread across different regions with more efficient routing of transportation and support. And at work sites that tend to be isolated, pneumatics can be used as an added electricity-free safety measure and solar panels can power equipment.

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Water & Wastewater

Water districts are always under pressure. No one wants to wake up to a faucet that’s slowed to a trickle or find wastewater backing up into a neighborhood. Keeping customers happy means keeping the water flowing problem-free. We have experience working with both rural and municipal water districts, putting systems in place to track pressure and tank levels remotely. This cuts down on the time and expense of workers driving out into the field to check meters and gauges. Alarms can signal damaged pipes, wasteful leaks or sudden losses of pressure. And with the proper controls in place, you can balance the workload of multiple pump systems, reducing wear and tear and extending the life of components.

Moving automation into the future

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What good is data if it’s too difficult to track? Our StatusScout software moves accurate, concise data from the field to the cloud so you can access it from any device, anywhere, anytime. When it comes to making the decisions that shape your business, you deserve the confidence that comes with reliable, real-time information.